Basic Usage

LEAP provides three button styles and two link styles that can be used. These include:

btn-default, btn-primary, btn-info

It is recomended that the default size is used for buttons.

Other Variants

Icon Buttons

Button with prepend icon

Helper Buttons

Helper buttons can only be used within dialog alerts as a way to provide contextual feedback, these include:

btn-primary, btn-success, btn-warning or btn-danger

Button Group

Button group can be used in toolbar actions or as pagination and should always use btn-default class. Combine sets of <div class="btn-group"> into a <div class="btn-toolbar"> for more complex components.

Block Level

By adding .btn-block, it will create a block level buttons - these span the full width of a parent.

Active State

.active can force the button appear in it's active state.

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